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Our favorite holiday, World Beard Day, is upon us! World Beard Day is celebrated a number of ways around the world. In Spain, townships gather to witness a boxing match between a beardless boy and a bearded man, who is usually armed with a pike. In the Swedish village of Dönskborg, beardless men are banished from the town and forced to stay 24 hours in a nearby forest, while back in town the bearded men burn effigies of their clean-shaven loved ones.

For a more lighthearted take on this hirsute holiday, take advantage of one of many beard trends that have popped up over the years. From glitter beards to mermaid beards, there’s a crazy beard look that’ll ensure you own the game.

And if you don’t feel like spending hours working on your World Beard Day look, there’s a lot more you can do to celebrate. The US and Australia face off each year to see who can form the largest all-bearded human pyramid (the current record is 22), while breaking bread with your bearded brethren is always a good idea.

Without further ado, here are 10 beard trends to try on World Beard Day.

1. Mermaid Beard

#barba #barbateñida #beard #mermaidbeard #selfie #selfies #selfiesunday #selfietime

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Last year the ladies started dying their hair all sorts of vibrant colors, giving way to the salmon pink hair trend and sea-inspired mermaid hair. A couple adventurous dudes jumped on the latter, perpetuating a ‘merman’ trend. While most guys dyed their hair bright shades of green, blue, and purple, some took the trend to that other patch of hair real estate on their heads – their beards.

It’s a little wild, a little weird – but hey, why not celebrate the last few weeks of summer with a sea-inspired beard? Go with a temporary hair dye to avoid damage - and remorse.

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2. Beards From Below

every now and then you need some fuckery. life is fun! go ahead and join #beardsfrombelow A #prospecthopefulsalute⚔BΣΛЯDΣD VILLΛIПS ႺΣЯ??????⚔ goes out to all ⚔BΣΛЯDΣD VILLΛIПS⚔ worldwide! My President @von_knox My Brotherhood @beardedvillains My @beardedvillains_europe My @beardedvillainsgermanychapter My Captain @zackorygates My Cocaptain @sebastian_babic My Cocaptain @bobbyclitter My Queen @fiona_hnsn #beardedvillains #beardedvillainsgermanychapter #beardedvillainsworldwide #beardedvillainsbrotherhood #riseofthebrotherhood #beardedvillainsscouts #beardedvillainsqueens #stayloyal #staybearded #stayvillain #staytrue #germanchapter #familyfirst #villainsalute #beard #beards #bearded #pogonophile #redbeard #beardsanstatts #beardstyle #instabeard #instabeards #picoftheday #fun #office

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#BeardsFromBelow started as a gag that took beard selfies to a new, somewhat disturbing level. Men posted photos of the underside of their chins, with some guys adding sunglasses or faces to really get creative with the craze.


3. Beard Bowl

Hygienic it is not, but for World Beard Day, we guarantee all eyes will be on you with this sick creation. If you have a long, thick beard, make like beard styling god Incredibeard and fasten a Bowl O’Beard Ramen. Who knows, it may come in handy when you get the midnight munchies.


4. Snack Beard

Beard and Pretzels. • These pretzels are making me thirsty! • Have a fantastic Friday and weekend. It's your call how your day goes ?

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A less time-consuming variation on the beard bowl, the Snack Beard simply involves sticking your favorite snack food into your beard until you achieve dense snack saturation. We suggest longer, thinner snacks like Hot Cheetos or French fries since these will weave in and stay in better.


5. Flower Beard

"Moon dust in your lungs, stars in your eyes... Credit: Mark W. Graves of @TheOregonian

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Ah, the beard trend that started it all. Back in 2015, the Flower Beard was inescapable. While the originator is unknown, popular Instagram stars The Gay Beards (@thegaybeards) and Will It Beard (@willitbeard) were among the first to sport the trend online. Achieving the Flower Beard is simple, with the option to make it as complicated as you want (we’ve seen everything from a couple daisies to an extravagant bouquet). Since flowers are pretty light, the Flower Beard works for all beard types, short or long. Don’t forget to inspect the flowers for bugs prior to insertion or else things could end badly for youandyour significant other.


6. Glitter Beard

Post a pic with Snapchat's new glitter beard feature, tag us, and we'll pick a few winners to send prints to! ?

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Pick up a tube of glitter at the crafts store, shake it all over your beard, and watch it glimmer like a disco ball. Just be aware that you will be finding specks of glitter in your beard for all of eternity.


7. Bauble Beard

#baublebeard anyone? Thanks @andrea.simmons_ for the awesome gift! ?: @yvonnetaufa #GrandmaAintGonLikeThis

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While this trend peaks around Christmas, don’t feel limited to ornaments. Anything that can hang off a branch can hang off your beard (more or less), so get creative.


8. Beard Jewelry

#Repost @glentrivett looking great with his Beard Anchor ⚓✌️

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Speaking of things that hang off of beards, beard jewelry is a much more muted, stylish version of the Bauble Beard. Beard jewelry consists of mini baubles in the shapes of anchors, skulls, ninja stars, etc. attached to a triangular spiral. You twist the spiral into your beard and voila! Personal style points.

You can buy beard jewelry at Krato Milano or onEtsy.

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9. Cat Beard

Got grandma hair and a beard. ??? #catbeard #grandmahair #greyhairdontcare #cateyeinglasses

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We saved the cutest beard trends for our last two spots. A fun way to celebrate World Beard Day for your non-bearded companions, a Cat Beard is performed by sticking a cat up to your chin and taking a selfie. Heck, you can even do a Cat Beard if you’re already bearded, allowing your whiskers to blend into your cat like Reddit user Laoryl below.


Photo: Reddit user Laoryl


10. Dog Beard


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Dog lovers weren’t going to let cat owners get all the glory. After the Cat Beard meme went viral a few years back, dog owners got in on the action, posting selfies with beards provided by their scruffy canines. Whether you do a Cat Beard or a Dog Beard, each pet beard is different, so remember to pair your expression with the type of beard you’ve been bestowed.




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