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The Dirtiest Block (1)The Dirtiest Block (2)The Dirtiest Block (3)

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(Video) Terraria how to get THE DIRTIEST BLOCK (EASY) | Terraria The Dirtiest Block

The Dirtiest Block

  • The Dirtiest Block (4)

The Dirtiest Block (5)


Use time20 (Very fast)
TooltipNow with 20% more dirt!
RarityThe Dirtiest Block (6)
Research1 required
(Video) How to find the Dirtiest Block *GUARANTEED*(With seed and location) | Terraria 1.4.4

Grants Buff

BuffThe Dirtiest Block (7)The Dirtiest Block
Buff tooltipThe Dirtiest Block

The Dirtiest Block is a pet summoning item that summons a Dirt Block. It can be obtained by mining a block that looks similar to Dirt Blocks. Only 3 can be obtained in a small world, 6 in a medium sized world and 9 in a Large World.


  • Because of the amount that is obtainable in a world, The Dirtiest Block is one of the rarest objects in the game.
  • Dirtiest Blocks can also be a Mud Block in the "Not the bees!" seed.


  • Using a Drill Containment Unit can make it easier to find the Dirtiest Blocks.
  • A Celebration Mk2 with some Mini Nuke 2s can also make it easier.
  • A small corrupt world with seed "" will have a dirtiest block 25 blocks to the right 3 blocks down from spawn.
    • Recreating this world will allow an infinite number of dirtiest blocks to be obtained.


The Dirtiest Block (9)Console version

(Video) How long does it take to find the NEW Rarest Item in Terraria?


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(Wand of Sparking)
5. The Poo Block is…Actually Great?
6. Terraria 1.4.4 added the new rarest item
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