Exodus: The Violet Gate 2.02 (2023)

Macielos & Nyctaeus present

Exodus: The Violet Gate 2.02 (1)

First the Undead Scourge's corruption and then the Burning Legion's invasion has left the Alliance of Lordaeron decimated and torn apart. Former Human and Elven Kingdoms now lie in ruins, roamed by horrific undead creatures, with major cities left under the iron fist of the Dreadlords' reign. To make matters worse, betrayal and discord has struck the Alliance from within, with treacherous Blood Elves conspiring with inhuman beasts and taking arms against their Human and Dwarven brethren. Despite the overwhelming odds, dispersed groups of resistance continue their desperate struggle. Even though the chances of victory seem to diminish with every comrade lost, it is said that even in the darkest of times a new hope may emerge from where you least expect it...

  • A total overhaul of my old Exodus campaign
  • 12 playable chapters + interludes
  • Unique storyline that takes some concepts and characters from the predecessor, but is basically a whole new experience, introducing new plots, reimagining some events known from the Frozen Throne campaign, adding more background and depth to main characters
  • Diverse gameplay, including classic RTS-style battles with plenty of new mechanics, exploration missions, epic boss fights and more
  • Major graphical overhaul, including plenty of custom environment, structures, doodads and tiles
  • Custom heroes, units, skills and items
  • Heroes levelling up to 15, with 4-level basic abilities and 3-level ultimate abilities
  • Several entirely new or modified techtrees, each featuring some new units, structures and gameplay style:
    • Alliance of Lordaeron
    • Alteraci Syndicate
    • Stormpike Dwarves
    • The Forsaken
    • Undead Scourge
    • Crushridge Ogres
    • And more…
  • All major shortcuts to units, structures and skills mapped to QWER-ASDF-ZXCV hotkeys for more intuitive gameplay
  • Custom soundtrack from Warcraft 3: Reforged, World of Warcraft and other sources
  • Normal or Hard difficulty level
  • Recommended to play on 1.31 (tested by 3 people), there are some problems on 1.35

Main characters

Exodus: The Violet Gate 2.02 (2)

Colonel Reynart Alinthor – a battle-hardened veteran officer of the Alliance of Lordaeron. Following the footsteps of his father, a humble old soldier nobilitated for his valiance in the Second War, Reynart dedicated his life to military service. Having lost his family, friends and far too many comrades to the Scourge, he ended up as a second-in-command of one of the last Alliance bastions in the northern realms – the ruins of Dalaran. Although his quick promotion to colonel came rather out of necessity when higher ranking officers one by one fell to the Scourge, he is a capable leader and experienced tactician who commands with deep care about his troops and determination to keep them safe against all odds.

Exodus: The Violet Gate 2.02 (3)

Ranger-Captain Inaylia Aequath – a sole survivor of an orcish massacre in the Second War, Inaylia was taken, raised and trained by High Elven Farstriders from Quel’Thalas. Under guidance of Ranger-General Sylvanas Windrunner she began training a new elite unit of Alliance marksmen and assassins later to be known as Lordaeron Rangers. Consisting of trappers, hunters, former convicts and mercenaries, the Rangers were meant to perform black ops beyond Alliance’s military hierarchy… and free of moral doubts of paladins, knights and priests. Once the Scourge came, Rangers’ resourcefulness, ruthlessness and proficiency in guerrilla warfare made them an invaluable asset in the Alliance’s dwindling military under Grand Marshal Garithos. Distrustful and cold, focused and determined, hardened by difficult past and haunted by it, Inaylia values thinking outside the box and applying any means necessary to survive in a hostile world that surrounds her.

Exodus: The Violet Gate 2.02 (4)

Eldin Tharennas – former priest of the Light and a skilled mage from Quel’Thalas, Eldin quickly became dissatisfied with existing schools of magic. Although his primary focus remains on the Light, he used to experiment with other types of magical energy and interact with them on very low level, leading to extraordinary results. His talent was quickly noticed by a certain Kirin Tor Archmage who has put it to much better use than service to the Church of Light…

Exodus: The Violet Gate 2.02 (5)

(Video) Exodus: The Violet Gate ( Fading Hope)

Solymus Kangard – a mysterious, proud, stubborn and eccentric Archmage of the Kirin Tor whose actions have always been well hidden beyond the veil of secrecy. Although Dalaran corridors held rumours about highly controversial experiments he undertook in his early career and Kirin Tor councils regularly witnessed quarrels between him and Archmage Antonidas, his real activities remained known only to Kirin Tor’s inner circle and his deep and subtle influence upheld by a network of spies and contacts remained unquestioned. Soon after the First War he withdrew from public to focus on his private projects. Official reports indicate he returned to the Kirin Tor during the Third War and was eventually overwhelmed and killed by the Scourge in the Siege of Dalaran. However, is it possible that his role in the tides of history is not yet complete?

Exodus: The Violet Gate 2.02 (6)

Margoth Leitenhove – impoverished Alteraci nobleman, one of the many whose lives fell into ruin after their king was deposed by Alliance forces in the Second War. Now the tides have changed, former oppressors of Alterac struggle to survive themselves and the remnants of the fallen kingdom, reunited within the Syndicate, fight for their own place in a devastated world. Impulsive, reckless and hot-tempered, lacking discipline, but definitely not foolish, Margoth must use all of his skill to keep his people in check, hold the Scourge at bay and maintain his position against greedy and powerful warlords at the court of prince Aliden Perenolde.

Valena Isgair – Archnecromancer of the Cult of the Damned and one of the top apprentices of Kel’Thuzad himself, Valena is deeply and unconditionally devoted to her master. She played a pivotal role in gathering cultists and distributing infected grain among the townsfolk of Lordaeron in the early stage of Scourge incursion and she kept the Cult in one piece until her master was resurrected by Arthas Menethil. As new powers strive for domination over ruins of Lordaeron, Valena acts in the shadow to uphold his master’s agenda and secure his best interests against any foe. Wielding a wide range of both ice and necromantic spells, she is an opponent not to be underestimated.



We did our best to credit the authors of every resource we are using in our campaign. However, due to a large scope of the project, there is a chance we might have missed someone. If you notice your resource being used without you being mentioned on the list below, just let me know and I will be more than happy to update it. Also, there are several resources from Forsaken’s original remaster whose authors I was unable to determine. They are listed as “by unknown author”. If you are one of these authors or you know them, please also let me know.

- Fixed hero portrait colors in some dialog lines in various missions

Chapter Three:
- Gave mana points to Blackclad Captain so he can use his skill

Chapter Six:
- Margoth's items from this chapter are now kept throughout Chapter Eight and Nine
- Fixed crashes caused by Valena's Revenant's Animate Death spell - it was replaced with an aura

Chapter Eight:
- Crushridge Ogres should no longer get stuck by exceeded unit limit and should send attacks normally
- Some extra items available in ogre shop

(Video) Warcraft 3 REFORGED (Hard) - Eternity's End 01 - Enemies at the Gate

Chapter Ten
- Forsaken Army AI should no longer get stuck by exceeded unit limit and should send attacks normally
- Fixed icons of Dwarven Scout and Guard Towers

Chapter Eleven:
- Green AI should no longer get stuck trying to send ground attacks, it now also properly trains Destroyers
- Reduced max number of units in the swarms to improve performance

EDIT: Removed debug in Chapter Ten

Chapter One:
- Increased HP of Valena, extended the final chamber and added some extra boss fight mechanics
- Removed possibility to attack Valena's guards before entering the final chamber e.g. by using a shockwave

Chapter Two:
- Defence of Garithos base now lasts longer and it a bit harder
- Garithos should no longer get stuck having returned with the dwarves
- Strengthened Balnazzar's attack waves and added some demons to them
- Removed Balnazzar's Earthquake on Hard due to FPS drops and because he has tons of fuck-you to cast anyway
- Balnazzar no longer casts spells in mid-game cinematic on Hard
- Initial Sylvanas attack extended to several waves and both heroes, but Varimathras removed from the following periodic attacks
- Decreased intervals between Forsaken base attacks
- Gunpowder barrels now actually deal damage to units and destructibles upon death
- Your retreat may now be a tactical one if you keep your castles intact...

Chapter Three:
- Extended final part of the mission, new adventures, enemies and story-related content along the way

Chapter Four:
- Wolves in Greenwood forest should no longer get stuck between the trees

Chapter Six
- Gave some items to Valena and other enemy heroes

Chapter Seven:
- Increased HP of Valena

Chapter Eight:
- Fixed bug with convoys not being launched when playing on a loaded save
- Increased level of enemy heroes and gave them some items
- The Ogres are using upgrades now

Chapter Nine:
- Increased HP of Sylvanas

Chapter Ten:
- Fixed Light Blue Forsaken AI - it was getting stuck trying to train a hero they didn't have. Now it should launch attacks properly
- Fixed Dark Blue Forsaken AI - it had several problems, e.g. hitting max food limit and not sending attacks until it loses some of them in the outer bases
- Increased level of enemy heroes and gave them some items

Chapter Eleven:
- Made moloch timers show that the moloch is active after they expire
- Fixed Enclave AI bumping into the wall
- Increased level of enemy heroes and gave them some items
- Vespira's ult (Bladestorm) replaced with Tornado as I couldn't make the model's 'attack slam' animation work
- Thamdan's items from Chapter Ten can now be picked at our base

- Reduced interval between spider spawns
- Increased HP of the broodmother
- Increased HP of the liches

(Video) CSW - New Feature - Skins

- Removed Scepter of Healing, replaced with a second occurence of the Wand of Mercy
- Rebalanced Alteraci Lament to increase both Agility and Strength to fit Inaylia more
- Rebalanced item drops - moved some items too OP for early missions to later ones, slightly reduced number of drops, increased number of dropped items with charges at the expense of permanent ones, moved book drops (stat bonuses) to drop mostly from optional enemies to encourage map exploration. It came to my mind when during a retest I realized that equipment random drops since chapter ~4 are mostly useless as we're already full of better gear

- Shockwaves, War Stomps, Thunder Claps and Empowered Strikes (Thardis) replaced with terrain deformation-free version that shouldn't cause lags on weaker computers
- Fixed Reynart's Command Aura to properly give 15% bonus damage instead of +1. It only affects melee units now though as Reynart's speeches are unlikely to act on rifles
- Fixed Eldin's spiritual healing to actually work on living units

- Unified AI flags in all missions - the Undead and the Ogres no longer withdraw their wounded. Human and Forsaken enemies still do
- Translated some Polish texts that were missed before, mostly in unit and skill descriptions
- Unified color of main heroes as well as Rangers throughout the chapters
- Fixed pathing on several maps, like too wide bridges or holes in the pathing enabling you to enter an unwalkable area
- Lots of small fixes, too small to list...

by Macielos and Nyctaeus

Special thanks:
Forsaken for his beta version, including selection of some assets and hero skills
Besregar/Footman16 for beta-testing, proofreading and lots of useful feedback

Models & Icons:
Alterac Dam by Nyctaeus
Vimthurn Skyyard by Nyctaeus
Dalaran building pack by wc3neverdies
Lich Woman by DarkClaw
Western province doodad path by LongbowMan
Winter doodad pack by TassAvadar
Walls and towers from Northrend by LongbowMan
Infected Trees by Palix
Trees from Loch Modan by Tomak
Bridges from the Howling by LongbowMan
Boulders from Skyrim by LongbowMan
Burnt trees by LongbowMan
Dwarven Decorations by LongbowMan
Rivers and Waterfalls by OgrE
BTNMageTower by Besregar/Footman16
BTNStormwindArcaneSanctum by Besregar/Footman16
BTNStormwindLumberMill by Besregar/Footman16
Alterac Tent by Besregar/Footman16
Ogre Score Screen Icon by Besregar/Footman16
Forsaken Score Screen Icon by Besregar/Footman16
Undead Trebuchet by Kuzakani
DarkSylvanas_by67chrome.blp by 67chrome
BTNDarkSylvanasby67chrome by 67chrome
BTNHolyBan by 8512590215848
BTNWeaver by 8512590215848
BTNWeaver03 by 8512590215848
Woman Vilager by Afronight_76
Human Catapult by AndrewOverload519
BTNHumanCatapult by AndrewOverload519
BTNUndeadArcher by AndrewOverload519
Forsaken Archer by AndrewOverload519
Timmy by Aquis
Tommy by Aquis
Captain Lordaeron HQ (Unit\Hero) by Asssssvi
Crossbowman Lordaeron by Asssssvi
Footman Lordaeron HQ by Asssssvi
Rider Lordaeron by Asssssvi
Spearman Lordaeron by Asssssvi
Rifleman Lordaeron HD by Asssssvi
Undead CatapultI Icon by BaiyuGalan
Undead CatapultI by BaiyuGalan, Blizzard Entertainment
Stromgarde Buildings by bakr
Dwarven Buildings (Bronzebeard) by bakr
Alterac Buildings by bakr
Battering ram by Battering ram, Mechanical Man
Human Airship by Bioautomaton
BTNBuckler by BLazeKraze
BTNAbility_Stealth by Blizzard Entertainment
BTNCharge by Blizzard Entertainment
HotS Stormpike General Vanndar + minions by Blizzard Entertainment
HotS Archlich Kel'thuzad + alts by Blizzard Entertainment
BTNINV_Weapon_Rifle_06 by Blizzard Entertainment
BTNSpell_Holy_HolyProtection by Blizzard Entertainment
BTNSpell_Holy_PowerWordShield by Blizzard Entertainment
BTNSpell_Holy_RetributionAuraBTNSpell_Holy_RetributionAura by Blizzard Entertainment
BTNSpell_Holy_Silence by Blizzard Entertainment
BTNChaplain by Blizzard Entertainment, Pyraeus
BTNPyrolia by Callahan
Pyrolia by Callahan
CloudOfFog by Callahan
Nerubian Guard by Callahan
NerubianWidow by Callahan
BTNNathanosBlightcaller by Chen
SnipingTarget by ChirusHighwind
BTNTarget by ChirusHighwind
BTNCWValiant by CloudWolf
Sir Valiant by CloudWolf
CastIronGolem by CryoniC
Blood elf lieutenant, and derivatives by Cuore
Napalm Dump by cyberkid
BTNFemaleNecromancer by D.ee
Garithos Axe Cleave by Darkfang
Red Legion - Zealot by Darkmoon Hero
BTNZealotDH by Darkmoon Hero
High Elf Chronomancer by Deolrin
BTNHighElfChronomancer by Deolrin
Archmagi by Direfury
BTNHumanStable by Eagle XI
BTNHumanZeppeline by Eagle XI
BTNBatteringRam by Eagle XI
Arcane Static by Edge45
Battering Ram by Em!
Ogron by Explobomb
Creep Hut by Exyte
Dark Soldier by Freddyk
Dragon Knight by FrIkY
BTNDragonKnight by FrIkY
Human Assassine by General Frank
BTNDwarvenWarrior by General Frank
Dwarven warrior by General Frank
Human Archer by HappyTauren
Tyrannosaurus Rex by Hayate
Factory by HerrDave
BlackSunSpellbreaker by Himperion
Elven Assassins by Himperion
Cage/Transport Chariot pack by Hoth
Priest Pack by Ilya Alaric
Ogre Legion Models (Re-Classic Pack) by johnwar
Bandit Enforcer (Re-Classic) by johnwar
Ravager Battleship by Kam
Voodoo Temple by Kam, Retera, Kam, Blizzard
Ogre Stone Thrower by Kitabatake
BTNVillagerManVar03 by Kuhneghetz
Male villager variation (Brown haired version) by Kuhneghetz
BTNHumanWarlord by Kuhneghetz
Human Warlord by Kuhneghetz
Dark Portal by Kwaliti
Anduin Lothar by loktar
Knight (WC2) by loktar
Bandit Lord (WC1) by loktar
Riderless Horse (WC1) by loktar
Live Potion by Marcos DAB
Fortification palisade by MassiveMaster
Fortification palisade gate by MassiveMaster
Fortification palisade inner edge by MassiveMaster
Fortification palisade outer edge by MassiveMaster
Stable by MassiveMaster
GilneasGunship by Mephestrial
OrcBlacksmith by Mephestrial
Assassin by Miseracord
Academy by Mr. Bob
Arcane Sanctum by Mr. Bob
Archery by Mr. Bob
Armory by Mr. Bob
Barracks by Mr. Bob
Build by Mr. Bob
Castle by Mr. Bob
Church by Mr. Bob
DecayMesh by Mr. Bob
Encampment by Mr. Bob
Guard Tower by Mr. Bob
House by Mr. Bob
LumberMill by Mr. Bob
Market by Mr. Bob
Mines by Mr. Bob
Plantation by Mr. Bob
Medieval Buildings: The complete collection. by Mr. Bob
Stables by Mr. Bob
Tavern by Mr. Bob
Town Center by Mr. Bob
Watch Tower by Mr. Bob
Wizard Tower by Mr. Bob
Workshop by Mr. Bob
Human Battlemage by Nebilac
BTNDwarfEnginer by NFWar
Dwarven Thane ( One Horn variation ) by Norinrad
BTNAltar of Elders (Elf) by Null
BTNMagicShield by PeeKay
BTNThane by Norinrad
ArtilleryAttack by Praytic
FireStrike by Praytic
BTNHarbingerStaffMace by PrinceYaser
Ogre Beserker(Helmet version) by PROXY
Garithos Abilities by r.ace613
Ogre MEGA Pack by r.ace613
Bandit Enforcer by r.ace613
Prince's Kiss by Remixer
BTNMagicTent by SantoRayo[iP]
oger_barracks by SantoRayo[iP]
Banshee Queen by Sellenisko
BTNDarkSoldier by Sin'dorei300
FemaleNecromancer by Sin'dorei300
Shadowlands 9.1 - Devourer Flier by Sire Denathrius (portrait fix by A]mun)
BTNSpearAttack by Static
Archmage by Stefan.K
Butcher by Stefan.K
Forsaken Champion by Stefan.K
Nathanos Blightcaller by Stefan.K
Bandit Leader by Stefan.K
BTNCourtMage by stein123
GrassAnimated by Sunchips
Altar of some sorts by supertoinkz
Ogre Worker by supertoinkz
Cyclon Explosion by Suselishe
OrcLumbermill by Syroco
ogre arena by takakenji
Natural Winter Ice by Tamplier
Natural Winter Snowy Rock by Tamplier
UndeadWarlock by Tarrasque
BTNMegapod by tee.dubs
Megapod by tee.dubs
WheelchairWarlock by tillinghast
Archmagi and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Rifleman and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Altar of Darkness and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Dragonhawk Rider and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Footman, Captain, and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Hunter's Hall and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Mage Tower and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Tomb of Relics and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Altar of Kings and Derivarives by Ujimasa Hojo
Arcane Sanctum and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Barracks (Human) and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Blacksmith and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Farm (Human) and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Lumber Mill and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Tower (Human) and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Town Hall, Keep, Castle, and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Workshop and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Altar of Storms and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Peasant and Derivatives by Ujimasa Hojo
Forsaken buildings by Ujimasa Hojo
BTNUndeadAssassin by Uncle Fester
ForsakenAssassin by Uncle Fester
VultureRider by Uncle Fester
Dwarven Miner (variative) by Villagerino
Airstrike Rocket by Vinz
Alacrity by Vinz
Armor Penetration / Stimulus by Vinz
Armor Penetration by Vinz
Sacred Exile by Vinz
Transport cart by vlekje5
Bandit Crossbowman by Wandering Soul
Mounted Bandit Spearthrower by Wandering Soul
Ancient Explosion SFX by WILL THE ALMIGHTY
Stormwind Knight by Wulfrein and Ket
BTNDaggerBleedingPierce by zbc
Brass_Borer by -Grendel
Engineer by -Grendel

Human Commander (Reynart) by (probably) Ket
High Necromancer (Kel'Thuzad recolor) by unknown author
LightAura effect by unknown author
BTNDrainLife by unknown author
BTNSinister by unknown author

Tile packs by Nyctaeus
Tile packs by Snart
Natural Winter Ice by Tamplier
Natural Winter Snowy Rock by Tamplier


Warcraft 3 Reforged: Arthas Theme
Warcraft 3 Reforged: Sad Mystery

World of Warcraft: Dalaran Theme
World of Warcraft: Elwynn Forest
World of Warcraft: Molten Core
World of Warcraft: Naxxramas

World of Warcraft Cataclysm: Western Plaguelands
World of Warcraft Cataclysm: Elwynn Forest (Westfall)
World of Warcraft Cataclysm: Stormwind

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria: For The Alliance

World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor: Blackrock and Roll Remix

(Video) The Heart of the Storms: Dusk of Draenor - First 25 minutes of gameplay!

World of Warcraft Legion: Dalaran Khadgar Theme
World of Warcraft Legion: Dalaran Jaina Theme
World of Warcraft Legion: Dalaran Halls

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth: Warfronts Alliance Music
World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth: Warfronts Arathi Horde Music
World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth: Battle for Lordaeron Horde Music
World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth: Forsaken Flame

World of Warcraft Shadowlands: New Player Experience Human

Heroes of the Storm: Alterac Pass
Heroes of the Storm: Arathi Highlands

The Witcher: Dead City
The Witcher: Last Battle
The Witcher: The Order
The Witcher: Night Approaches
The Witcher: Swamp theme
The Witcher: unnamed Salamandra combat theme
The Witcher: unnamed Order combat theme

The Witcher 2: Within The Mist
The Witcher 2: The Tournament

The Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone: Gaunter o'Dim Theme

The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine: The Night of Long Fangs
The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine: Tesham Mutna

Richard Wagner, Ride of the Valkyries (don't ask me where it plays)


Heroes of the Storm: Varian
Heroes of the Storm: Valeera
Heroes of the Storm: Tychus
Heroes of the Storm: Medivh
Heroes of the Storm: Vanndar

World of Warcraft: Rhonin
World of Warcraft: Matthias Shawn
World of Warcraft: Catherine Rogers

Chronicles of Second War: Ironforge Footman Soundset by ShadiHD
Chronicles of Second War: Ironforge Knight Soundset by ShadiHD
Chronicles of Second War: Ironforge Worker Soundset by ShadiHD


Retera's Model Studio
BLP Lab by Shadow Daemon
Mdlvis by Anonymous
Mdx Pather
Ladik's MPQ Editor
War3 Model Editor by Magos
Button Manager v1.8.2 by Shadow Daermon
Inkarnate (loading screen maps)


Please do not edit the campaign and the maps without our permission. Do not rip assets from campaign file and respect the authors of them. If you don't know who made asset you want to take, feel free to ask.

It's highly recommended to play on 1.31. We initially assumed later versions to be moreless compatible, but apparently that's not true and 1.35 may have some issues.

(Video) "are you playing against bots?" - Dota 2 Moments ep.106

Supported localizations:
- English (original) version
- [2023.04.03] Added Chinese localization for version 2.01 provided by @NovaLan
- [2023.04.10] Updated Chinese localization to 2.02 provided by @NovaLan


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